Imagine the EMAs back in 2009..

Imagine the EMAs back in 2009. One day before, Tom wakes up with a sense of dread in the core of his soul. Something is wrong, he just doesn’t know what. Just to be safe, he keeps telling Bill to be careful when he goes out. Bill laughs at him and shrugs it off, saying it’s just his imagination. After he leaves to take care of some paperwork, Tom is left sitting on the couch and staring at the ceiling for a while. He grabs his guitar and decides to just spend time until Bill is back, trying to believe he’s just being paranoid.A few minutes later, though, he can feel as though his heart just stopped for a split second.

One of the strings just popped, without any reason. One minute later, his cell phone rings. It’s Bill’s number. “Tomi… I- I don’t know what happened… He just appeared in front of me out of nowhere!” Tom can feel the air fleeing from his lungs. “I crashed, I just crashed and I think I destroyed half of the car…” Tom releases the breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “Bill… are you okay?” “Now that I heard your voice… yes. I needed it so much.”

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Imagine Bill’s surgery back at 2008..

Imagine Bill’s surgery back at 2008. It already ended and it was labeled as successful but, for some reason, Bill is not waking up. The doctors try to tranquilize everyone by saying it’s normal, even if three hours have passed already. Tom can’t take it anymore and, without anyone noticing, sneaks inside his brother’s room. Seeing his baby twin unconscious in that hospital bed, looking so fragile and small, he can’t help two small tears from breaking free. He walks closer and sits on the bed, starting to caress Bill’s face. “What if you never wake up again…” Not being able to finish his sentence, he swallows a sob and gently lifts Bill’s lifeless body, holding it close. Suddenly, he can hear Bill’s voice in his mind: “I would rather die now in your arms than to live for a hundred years without having met you”. Surprised, Tom glances down and finds Bill’s smiling face staring back at him.

Imagine Bill was in surgery..

Imagine Bill was in surgery. Tom was pacing around the waiting area, grumbling to his two other bandmates about how long it was taking them to help Bill. His feet were making a trench in the tiles, rubbing his face from the exhaustion of worrying about his brother. He felt sick to his stomach every time he thought about something going wrong and them coming out to tell him that his twin had complications. He was frightened, not liking being away from his twin like this.

"It’s okay Tom," Georg tried to convince him, but nothing the two band mates were saying was very convincing to the youngest of them there. Tom needed to see his brother to believe that he was alright. "You know he’s going to be good as new, singing and yelling and swearing like he normally does." 

Tom paled at how many thoughts were going through his mind. Things like them making a mistake, and cutting something they were not supposed to, causing Bill to bleed uncontrollably and die a slow painful death. He was shaking with fear, rubbing his forehead and taking a peak to look at the wall clock again. Barely two minutes had passed since the last time he check. He bit his lip hard, needing to feel something besides the pain welling in his chest from not knowing what was going on. 

Georg sensed how upset he was, walking over to his best friend and pulling him in for a tight hug. Tom held him back tighter, shoving his face in the bassists shoulder. He mumbled into his shirt. “I’m scared.”

Imagine Bill forgot his favorite jacket..

Imagine Bill forgot his favorite jacket at the last venue they played at. He had taken it off during the show, like he usually did after the first couple songs when he feels his leather jackets start to stick to his soft skin. He had thrown it, forgetting to pick it up after the show and take it back to the tour bus with him, completely forgetting about the jackets existence for he was so hot. He could not forget it now though.

He swore, throwing his hands down and letting his boot free foot come in hard contact with his suitcase, cursing himself for being stupid enough for forgetting it as he felt sick to his stomach. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any jackets left, but he had taken a particular liking to that one, which was why he wore it all the time. 

Georg heard and poked his head in the room, noting how Bills clothes were strewn all over the room, obviously from him throwing them in anger two minutes previous. He asked Bill what happened to the room, if a cyclone had come and gone why Georg was snoozing, but Bill didn’t find it funny. Bill gripped his arms around his chest, holding himself as he tried to calm his body. It didn’t work, and all he wanted to do was kick something again, which is what he did when he saw the suitcase lying in front of him. 

Georg walked quickly over to Bill, wasting no time before he wrapped his own strong arms around the singer, letting him cool down in a tight embrace. Bill seemed to melt in it, feeling Georg’s muscles and his strong chest against his body. He would have snaked his own arms around the older male if Georg wasn’t holding him so tight and speaking softly to him. He felt soothed, thanking Georg for being there for him. 

Kissing Bills forehead, Georg said in a soft voice, “anytime.”

Imagine that it’s Bills first time..

Imagine that it’s Bills first time, eighteen years old and nervous as hell. He had waited and saved himself for the person he loved the most, and that night, they were going to make love. His lithe naked body is lying on the bed, surrounded by the mess of sheets and pillows strewn across the mattress to make room for them. His legs were shaking, slightly from the odd coldness of the room, and partly because Tom was sitting in between them and rubbing his thighs comfortingly. His brother knew how scared Bill was, but he was as careful as possible as he crawled over Bill, hovering his body on top of his and looked down at his beautiful face. His hair splayed out across the pillow and his makeup still perfect from earlier; he looked like angelic perfection without the halo. 

Bill murmured something about being nervous as Tom’s hand reached up and stroked his cheek affectionately, giving him a comforting smile before he kissed his soft lips. He promised he was going to take care of him and he wasn’t going to let him hurt for a minute; Bill felt calmer, kissing his lovers lips again and nodding his head. 

"I’m ready."

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