"Bill?" Tom spoke softly to the fidgeting younger twin.

"Bill?" Tom spoke softly to the fidgeting younger twin. "It’s almost time to go on stage. Are you ready?" 

"Yeah," he answered, with his lip in between his teeth, feeling his entire body shaking to the point that it was getting hard to focus on the last of his stage make up. He was so nervous, the sick feeling pooling in his stomach and he thought he was going to throw up. That, or he was about to  cry from the anxiety, and either way, he felt like he would somehow ruin his appearance, which he couldn’t afford to do with not that much time left until the show. "I’m- I’m ready." 

Tom noticed how tense he was, pulling on his short dreadlocks and giving his twin a smile as he walked over to him. He set a hand on his waist, snaking it around and pulling him closer. He nearly poked himself in the eye with Bills hair, but he pulled him in for a tight hug regardless. “You’re going to do great Bill. We’ve practiced so much, and we deserve this. Our first show on our first tour Bill! This is exciting!”

The black haired boy nodded. “I know, I’m just scared of messing up.” 

"You wont," Tom insisted, pressing a kiss to Bills forehead. "You know the songs better than all of us put together, and if you feel like you need some encouragement, just come over to me and I’ll sing the words to you and you can sing them into the microphone. That’s why you have a twin; you need someone there to look out for you." 

"Thank you Tom."

Ice Fun, pt.1

Tom opened the freezer door, taking a quick glance around the room to make sure he was completely alone, but that was probably a given considering Bill was out uptown currently with Andreas and Tom was supposed to be staying home today, resting -really with something planned, but he needed something to get Bill out of the house. He was completely alone, save for the soft clicking of nails against the hardwood floor he heard from the other room, sounding like one of the dogs moving around, so he was safe. 

He dug around the frozen contents -containing mostly microwave dinners- in search for something he had put there some hours ago, eager to check it’s process. Lifting a bag of peas, he found what he was looking for, the long tube like shape wrapped in the latex plastic, and he touched it, feeling the icy surface. He concluded that it wasn’t quite done yet, but he could wait a few more hours before trying anything. Bill would be gone all day. He smirked to himself, properly hiding it again, and shut the freezer door. 

Laying down on the couch, he thought about his plan, having read up hundreds of different reviews on multiple sites saying how pleasuring and satisfying ice dildo’s were, even if you didn’t insert them anywhere -which Tom was only half certain that he was planning to keep that part out- and he was very excited about it. having planned to turn the heat up really high, so it was near boiling in the room as he took the long hard penis shaped ice dildo out of the freezer and just ran it down his body. That thought alone, mixing the heat and the freezing cold together on his skin, made him aroused, and he couldn’t wait to try it. The thoughts played on his mind as he lay his head down and slowly fell into a comfortable dreamlike state on the couch.


It was nearly three hours later when he woke up, looking around the room and quickly going over to the freezer. He turned the heat up high on the way there, being a hundred percent sure that it would be completely frozen now and he couldn’t wait to try this out. He nearly flung the freezer door open, moving around the contents of the right side of the freezer to find it.. Then moving them again on the left, trying to remember where he put the thing.

He moved them all around the freezer, his heart speeding up a bit as he realized it was gone; his ice dildo wasn’t in the freezer anymore! But how, he thought, it’s not like it could have melted! He shoved things around again, trying to find the answer to this. Where was it?

He got his answer though, as his heart stopped completely and his eyes went wide as he heard something coming from the other room. “Hey Tom, what’s this?”


(by request: Bill, Tom, Ice Dildo)

Drabble: Gunplay

Bill twitched most nervously as he tried to twist his head around to see what was going on behind him, but having no such luck in the angle he was facing; hands and knees down on the kitchen table and facing the fridge. His face contorted in a pain, feeling the jagged insertion penetrate him over and over again, and gasped out a soft call to his twin. “T-Tomi..” He didn’t have to say anything else, just his name, and the elder brother knew what Bill wanted. Although he had no intention of doing so. 

It was random; if that word could be used for a situation like this. It had taken all of a matter of 10 minutes from the time Tom got back, all the way up until Bill was naked with the shooting end of a pistol protruding out of his entrance with Toms firm hands clutching the end of it and using it as a toy to fuck Bill with. Bill didn’t ask where Tom got the gun from, because quite frankly he didn’t want to know at first. But now with the short barrel inserted to the hilt inside of his back end, he was starting to question quite a few things. 

One, was it loaded? Two, was the safety on? Three, where had Tom gotten this thing? Four, why had he mentioned the gunplay kink in the first place? And five, when was this going to be over?

Bill whimpered, finding the stiffness of the metal and the preciseness of Toms of thrusts to be most accurate in hitting ever delicious spot he had, he nearly doubled over and fell face first on the table, gasping as he gripped the sides until his fingers clenched to a pasty white. He heard Tom smirk behind him, the silent facial expression loud enough for Tom to know that it was plastered all over his twins face, and Bill was surprised that Tom enjoyed this so much. Tom’s hips were pressed against the side of the table, and Bill knew he was rubbing his hard cock against it. He wasn’t hard until he pushed the gun inside of Bill, which made the younger one cringe even more through the spurt of pleasure coursing through his body. 

Tom got off on the fact that Bill could be in potential danger? Surely Tom was smart enough to keep the gun completely empty before going anywhere near his twin with it, let alone shoving a fucking gun inside of his ass and fucking him with it!

"Do you like that Bill?" Tom asked with a sneering sound to his voice. It was sadistic and daunting to hear his sexual voice. "I bet you like this more than my cock. It’s thicker and harder." Bill couldn’t stop panting, the rough edges of the gun feeling probably more pleasurable than he imagined. He was gonna come. 

Bills arms were near to giving out, as he reached down to grab himself between his legs. He stroked his own hard length, feeling the release only an inch away, pumping his leaking member to orgasm. He continued to listen to his twin talking dirty to him about how much he loved having a weapon in his ass, the dangers of what could happen if it had went off and how his brains would be splattered all over the fridge from the explosion. He figured Tom was just kidding though, as he got off the table to find the paper towel and clean off the mess he had just made. 

"But, it’s empty, right Tom? The gun isn’t loaded.." 

The elder just laughed, ignoring the gun which was set down on the counter. Bill had no idea how to work a gun, let out figure out if it was loaded or not. Tom wouldn’t fuck him with a loaded gun; would he? 

(requested by and dedicated to: z-z0mbie)

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Food, Sex… Food AND Sex

Bill bit his lip, squeezing Tom’s hand. “How’s it gonna be rough, mom?” 

"It just all goes by really fast.. It’s a very whirlwind sort of thing. You’ll be bitching at Tom for food one minute, sex the next, food AND sex, then you’ll want to be as far away from him as possible for doing this to you… Yeah, it’s not fun. But the end result is so worth it.”

(from Underdogs Rising by TokioInDieSchatten)

Imagine the EMAs back in 2009..

Imagine the EMAs back in 2009. One day before, Tom wakes up with a sense of dread in the core of his soul. Something is wrong, he just doesn’t know what. Just to be safe, he keeps telling Bill to be careful when he goes out. Bill laughs at him and shrugs it off, saying it’s just his imagination. After he leaves to take care of some paperwork, Tom is left sitting on the couch and staring at the ceiling for a while. He grabs his guitar and decides to just spend time until Bill is back, trying to believe he’s just being paranoid.A few minutes later, though, he can feel as though his heart just stopped for a split second.

One of the strings just popped, without any reason. One minute later, his cell phone rings. It’s Bill’s number. “Tomi… I- I don’t know what happened… He just appeared in front of me out of nowhere!” Tom can feel the air fleeing from his lungs. “I crashed, I just crashed and I think I destroyed half of the car…” Tom releases the breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “Bill… are you okay?” “Now that I heard your voice… yes. I needed it so much.”

(Source: thedeathofhydra)

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Imagine Bill and Tom laying on an island…

Imagine Bill and Tom laying on an island, the soft washing of the waves coming up onto the beach, but their blankets far enough so the water wont touch them. The bright ray of sunlight come down onto their tanning skins, so hot that it’s causing a glimmer of sweat to rise onto their bodies as they relaxed in the sand. 

He was sure Tom had fallen asleep while enjoying the sun, but Bill was anything but tired at the moment. Laying on his side, with his upper body propped up by his elbow, he starred at his older brother with amusement, munching on the bag of grapes he had packed from the hotel room to eat on the beach. He had called his twins name once, but got no response, only the sound of a bird squawking from far off and the murmur of the waves hitting the beach.

"Tomi," he tried again in a sing song voice, lifting a grape and setting it down it gently down on his twins lips. He moved the grape, trying to get his brothers sleeping jaw to open and take it in, but he ended up squeezing it a little too hard, and the juice dribbled down the side of his cheek instead. Bill giggled.

Without any sudden movement, Tom’s eyes stay lazily shut as he spoke up from his comatose state. “You better clean that up before I throw you in the ocean.” 

Bill did. With his tongue. 

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